You want to join YouTube and are trying to figure out how to check if a username is still available. You don’t want to waste time creating an account only to find out that someone else has taken your desired username. Finding an available username isn’t always straightforward, as someone may have already taken it by the time you start searching. And with millions of YouTube users, the chances of having your name chosen by another user can be high.

Having a unique YouTube username makes it easier for viewers to find and remember you. But before you create an account or change your current one, you’ll need to make sure your desired username is available. Here’s a step-by-step guide for a YouTube channel name checker on how to check if a YouTube username is available for use. 

Check If a Username Is Truly Taken or Not

Do you want to join YouTube but are unsure if the username you’ve chosen is still available? While some usernames may appear to be taken, there’s a simple testing process that anyone can use to check if a username is truly taken or not. Here’s how to do it.

Check the URL First

The simplest way to see whether a YouTube username is already taken is by visiting the URL associated with the desired name on YouTube. If there’s already a channel at that URL, then the username is taken. However, if no channel appears, then it’s still available!

Quick Account Creation Process

If you want to double-check that an account name isn’t being used but don’t want to create your own account just yet, head over to YouTube and click on “Sign In” near the top right-hand corner of the page. Then fill out all the required information without actually completing registration – leave out your password for now. If everything checks out, then you’ll know for sure that your desired username hasn’t been used yet!

Try Similar Accounts

Social media sites often let users create accounts with misspellings of popular names in order to have their pick from several seemingly identical accounts (“JohnSmith123”, “JohnSmth123”, etc.) You may have better luck finding an available account if you try slightly misspelled versions of your desired YouTube Handle as well as numbers at the end – everyone wants their favorite handle with no extra fuss!

Use Third-Party Services

A few third-party services exist that allow users who can’t find their desired name on YouTube or any other social media platform to search through thousands of usernames until they find an available one they like. These services typically require payment but offer a range of different features customized around helping users find unique handles–a great shortcut if you’re in a crunch and need an account up fast! 

Research Additional Usernames on Other Platforms

The web continues to grow as new platforms come online every day, so take note of other networks where similar usernames might be available—just in case YouTube itself doesn’t yield results for you (which is rare!). Twitter and Instagram are two great resources for finding additional usernames; many accounts these days cross-populate across multiple platforms using consistent handles. That way, even if your perfect Handle has been taken elsewhere, chances are good that it’s still fair game on YouTube and ready for ownership!

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