How Instagram Started?

Over the years, many companies have tried to launch social media applications. Regardless of the features, not all of them have been successful in the industry. It is crucial to keep in mind the current trends and what looks good on the Instagram feed to drive more and more traffic towards the brand. Instagram highlights covers are an excellent way for users to browse through the app for different products and services on offer. It helps in segmentation and consolidating products of a similar category in one place, making it appropriate for users to check out all the highlights of a similar category all at once. For more information visit Read more

How Outsourcing Software Development Can Save Your Business Money?

In our time, outsourcing has become the most standard way for most businesses to operate, and we’re witnessing a boom of offshore software development companies. A company or entrepreneur can profit from outsourcing due to several reasons.

Startups typically save the most money with outsourcing. They are assigned with software development projects and they are willing to do it at a fraction of the price of the in-house development team. This practice also enables small companies to get an upper hand over their bigger rivals.
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Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a term that regularly causes confusion and that’s why we answer the questions in this blog: what exactly is an MVP, how do I identify it and why should I develop an MVP?

Minimum viable product

An mvp viable product is the most minimal version of a new product with which the preparation team can gain maximum knowledge. An MVP is therefore worked out from the core idea of ​​concrete idea before the app originated. You look for an answer to the question: what is my client’s use? Read more