Today, Instagram is the most popular visual social network in the world, and as a consequence, it is an ideal platform for advertising. Thanks to advertising on Instagram, you gain new subscribers, and new customers, increase recognition, and increase loyalty to your brand, thereby increasing your sales. From this article, you will learn: how to set up advertising on Instagram to save your time and achieve the desired result.

Preparing to Run Targeting Ads on Instagram

The success of promoting a business account on Instagram depends on proper preparation. Before setting up targeting ads, pay attention to analysis and the right tools. Especially when it comes to sales. Before you start a campaign on Instagram, you need to be sure of the following things: your target readers are in this social network – future bloggers will also have to pay attention to the target profile and interests of users in order to attract their attention in ads to increase their recognition; your profile is ready to receive traffic – even if you are a blogger, you should bring your profile to a minimum if you need Instagram followers booster; you understand the sales funnel for your product – your website or landing page. That is, web analytics services are connected, end-to-end analytics are set up, and the Facebook pixel is correctly installed and working on the site. If a CRM is connected, check if there is a link to Instagram Direct, so you can track orders from the social network directly. The goals of the advertising campaign are clearly defined. Facebook has a list to choose from for this. Your goals should be simple and clearly reflected in the KPIs.

Calculate the Advertising Budget

Make sure you adequately estimate your chances, you have the necessary budget, and you understand how to create an advertising campaign on Instagram. The effectiveness of advertising is an analysis of the money spent on attracting a customer. Also, for example, you can find out how much it cost you not only customers (who made a purchase) but also those who only showed interest – subscribed to your account, asked a question in DM or in comments, left a phone number or email.

In advertising, a user who has taken the action we need is a lead. The money you spent for his action – this is the price of lead or CPL (cost per lead). For effective work, the cost per lead must be less than the sum of the margin.

How to Run Ads on Instagram: Peculiarities of Settings

Technically, advertising on Instagram is created in the same way as advertising on Facebook. The processes of launching advertising campaigns in both social networks are very similar. To get started, you need to create an Instagram account and add it to Business Manager. 

To add an Instagram account to Business Manager, open Business Manager and click “Campaign Settings” – “Instagram Accounts” on the left side of the page. Click “Apply rights to new Instagram account”. Enter your login and password, and click on the “Next” button. If you want several advertising accounts to use your Instagram profile, check the checkboxes for each advertising account and then click on the “Save Changes” button. If everything is OK, you can go to the home page and get to work.

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