A User Interface (UI) or user environment forms the connection between the functionality of a website or application and the end user. It is of course important that the UI of your website looks good and fits well with your house style. But just as important is that visitors can easily find the correct information or are seduced into a certain action, so that your website achieves its intended goals.

The UI of an application ensures that your employees or customers can deal intuitively with the often complex, underlying functionality. A well thought out interface provides a better User Experience (UX) and allows users to use the application more effectively and pleasantly, which not only results in higher user-friendliness, but also in a measurably higher Return on Investment (ROI).

Our designers and developers have a preference for beautiful and effective interfaces. They are therefore happy to accept the challenge of working out the UI of your website or application in detail.

Responsive web design

Mobile devices are indispensable in our daily lives. The percentage of traffic on a website that is caused by mobile devices is constantly increasing and is already around 50% for many websites. The actual number on your website naturally depends on numerous factors, but it is beyond dispute that the mobile visitor deserves an integral part within the UI design process.

To optimally display a website on every screen, we often use adaptive or responsive web design. The layout and / or content reacts to the size of the screen. With this method it is therefore not necessary to develop a separate, mobile website. A single responsive website is sufficient, which means that the content of your website only needs to be updated once. We assume a ‘mobile first approach’, whereby we base the design and development on the screen size of a mobile phone and add more as the screen size increases. This forces us to think from the most important content, which not only ensures an effective version on mobile phones, but also on desktop screens results in clear prioritization of content.

Responsive web design

User flow and interaction
At the basis of a good interface is a comprehensive understanding of how the end use will use the application. By thoroughly understanding each use case with the help of flowcharts, wireframes and interactive prototypes, every interaction can be consciously designed and tested at an early stage. As a result, the websites and applications that we develop are not only more effective and pleasant to use, but we can also implement the development faster and more efficiently.

Not (only) what it looks like
Design or design of a website or application is not just the beautiful image. It means more than just looks, it is inherently connected to how it works. Steve Jobs knew like no other.

Only by treating form and function at all times as an inseparable whole is it possible to arrive at a solid design. We do not see web design as a defined area, our web designers all have a lot of experience in the field of UI / UX design.